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Ich verstehe Deutsch, aber es wäre besser, wenn du auf Englisch schreiben würdest.
I understand German, although it'd be better if you wrote in English.
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Welcome! I just gave you the rights to use HotCat. Greetings, Lord Tiin Disku 17:11, 21. Sep. 2015 (CEST)

Danke schön! --miki-- (Diskussion) 17:26, 21. Sep. 2015 (CEST)


Hi, I see you're updating Canon/Legends interwikis. Can you let canonical ones stay and the legendary add? And, I see that except Finnish and German wikis, also CS, JA, PL, PT, RU have double articles. ;) F'ǡǖhzörtǻǚm answer / write 22:02, 3. Feb. 2016 (CET)

I don't understand what you mean. Also, I've been only correcting English and Japanese links on articles, which have only Legends version here in Jedipedia. --miki-- Komlink 19:59, 4. Feb. 2016 (CET)
I just meant, when you correct EN and JA links, can you also look at CS, PL, PT and RU? F'ǡǖhzörtǻǚm answer / write 22:10, 4. Feb. 2016 (CET)
I always check all links, but I think that situation will get better when Canon/Legends support is added to all links. --miki-- Komlink 22:40, 4. Feb. 2016 (CET)


Hey --miki--, there is a new user group called InterWiki-Benutzer we created to give all the users who only edit InterWiki links on Jedipedia the ability to edit those, but don't have any rights which we usually just grant our most trusted users. I and we, the admins of Jedipedia, would appreciate if you agree to let us make you a member of this new user group. Let me know what you say. Greetings, G4R Admin 07:31, 17. Jan. 2018 (CET)

Should I take your recent edits without an answer as a yes? ;) G4R Admin 19:45, 18. Jan. 2018 (CET)
Yes, feel free to change my group, as I hardly benefit from other rights. --miki-- Komlink 13:40, 19. Jan. 2018 (CET)
Thank you! G4R Admin 15:49, 19. Jan. 2018 (CET)