Gamemaster Screen, Revised

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Gamemaster Screen, Revised
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West End Games




ISBN 0874312884

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Gamemaster Screen, Revised ist ein im Jahr 1996 erschienenes Nachschlagewerk zum Star Wars Rollenspiel von West End Games. Größtenteils ist es eine Zusammenfassung von anderen Quellenbüchern. Es enthält außerdem eine heute inaktuelle Zeitlinie.

Inhaltsangabe des Verlags[Bearbeiten]

“As you race through the canyon, your speeder grazes the rocks, nearly spinning out of control. The Imperial speeder bike rounds the corner and opens fire! Wait a minute. I know there’s something in the rules about maneuvers…“

It’s hard to run a great Star Wars adventure when you’re busy flipping through the rulebook. Keep your game moving with this easy-to-use screen, which summarizes rules, charts, and game statistics.

The 64-page booklet is filled with information that can be used in any adventure:

  • Over a dozen player character templates.
  • Lists of skills and Force powers.
  • Game stats for common characters, starships and vehicles.
  • Customized forms for creating starships, planets, sector maps, and much more.
  • Information on Imperial Laws (and punishments for breaking them).
  • A Star Wars timeline!