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The latest news to the recurring event for SWTOR 1.7 can be found here!

The Gray Secant

Game update 1.7 introduces a new event to The Old Republic titled Relic of the Gree. The event takes place from February 12 to 26, but unlike previous events, this event will be recurring, so if you miss out on it, you will be able to repeat it later. The event is designed for players in the level range 50 to 60. Since parts of the event consist of PVP, low-level players will receive a boost to compete with level 60 players. On this page you will find all information about the event!

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Starting the event[edit]

Similar to previous events, you can start the event by going to the news terminal at the fleet. The Gray Secant, a mysterious ship by the Gree was sighted on Ilum, and players should help the Gree with analysing the ship and recovering data. Travel to the Western Ice Shelf of Ilum and talk to Ro-tuK.

Related quests:

  • The Gree Experiment (Empire)
  • Gree Research Initiative (Republic)


  • 1x Gree Memory Chip (reputation +270)

Repeatable quests[edit]

The event consists of five repeatable quests, including one heroic quest. Initially, only the first four and the heroic quests are available. Buying the access authorization to the Gray Secant (1,000 credits) unlocks the remaining quests.

  • [WEEKLY] Technical Review (Empire) / Objective Review (Republic) – not yet in game
    • [DAILY] Unexpected Variables (Empire) / External Variables (Republic)
    • [DAILY] Supplemental Research (Empire) / Catalysis (Republic)
    • [DAILY] Confirmation Bias (Empire) / Experimental Bounds (Republic)
    • [HEROIC] Primary Testing (Empire) / Primary Studies (Republic)
    • [DAILY] Advanced Analysis (Empire) / Advanced Testing (Republic) – requires access authorization to the Gray Secant

Loot for daily quests:

  • 7,175 credits
  • 1x Gree Memory Chip (reputation +270)
  • 2x Daily Commendations

Loot for the heroic quest:

  • 8,610 credits
  • 1x Gray Helix Component
  • 1x Gree Memory Chip (reputation +270)
  • 5x Daily Commendations

Tonvarr Pirate Base

[DAILY] Unexpected Variables (Empire) / External Variables (Republic)
A pirate group known as the Tonvarr has managed to locate Ilum and land their raiding parties nearby. The deadly marauders are hoping to loot powerful Gree weaponry for their own use.

  1. Defeat 20 Tonvarr pirates at their camps, recover five stolen Gree technologies from their forces and storage crates, and confiscate two hyperspace coordinates from Tonvarr Navigators.
  2. Disable the Tonvarr pirates' orbital shuttles to prevent their escape.
  3. Lure out and defeat the Tonvarr pirate captain and claim his ID tags as proof of the deed.
  4. Turn in at Mission Dropbox

A crystal formation
Iraida creature

[DAILY] Supplemental Research (Empire) / Catalysis (Republic)
The Gree have requested your aid in contributing additional research materials for Gray Secant to analyze. Useful materials would include combat specimen data chips for recycling, as well as samples from Ilum's natural crystal formations. Genetic data from local fauna like the Iraida would be greatly appreciated. Seek out an Iraida burrow nearby and recover a DNA sample from its occupant.

  1. Recover 15 Combat Specimen Data Chips
  2. Gather 6 Crystals
  3. Lure Out Iraida and Collect DNA Sample
  4. Turn in at Mission Dropbox

[DAILY] Confirmation Bias (Empire) / Experimental Bounds (Republic)
Despite Gree assurances, the Dark Council and the Strategic Information Service remain suspicious of Gray Secant's true purpose on Ilum. All players are asked to help determine whether the Gree have any ulterior motives for analyzing Imperial or Republic combat capabilities. This can be best accomplished by tapping into the data being gathered by Gray Secant's probe relays. Accessing the Gree probe relays requires the proper communications protocols, which can only be obtained from the Gree droids in the area. Recover a copy of the Gree comm protocols to facilitate your espionage.

  1. Obtain Gree Comm Protocol
  2. Slice Probe Relay
  3. Defeat Relay Defenses
  4. Turn in Data at Mission Dropbox
  5. Bring die Daten zum Missionsdepot

Pylon Guardian

[HEROIC] Primary Testing (Empire) / Primary Studies (Republic)
The Gree request your aid in facilitating Gray Secant's research. The ancient ship has deployed research pylons throughout the Western Shelf of Ilum. Complete Gray Secant's combat assessment program at a research pylon. A full sequence of the program will require multiple activations of the pylon to gather a complete spectrum of data. Additionally, Gray Secant has prepared each pylon with additional defenders independent of the program's activation. Combat with these droids is nonetheless considered a vital part of the research.

  1. Complete the Program at 6 Gree Research Pylons
  2. Defeat 3 Pylon Guardians
  3. Return to Mission Dropbox

Core Defense Unit

[DAILY] Advanced Analysis (Empire) / Advanced Testing (Republic)
Your efforts to aid Gray Secant's research have earned you an invitation to board the vessel itself for additional "data generation." Journey to the site of the former Imperial base on the Western Shelf of Ilum to gain access to Gray Secant's interior. The ancient starship has constructed matter transfer terminals to allow access to its interior. Activate the matter transfer beam and hang on to your molecules....

Apparently, the ancient starship has deliberately disabled some of its own subsystems in order to test the resourcefulness and intelligence of its research subjects. Reactivate the matter reclamation system and the intrusion countermeasures, and restart the transfinite navigation computers. With Gray Secant's systems restarted, powerful Core Defense Units have been deployed as a final combat experiment. Gray Secant has granted you a Blue Torus device as part of this experiment.

  1. Travel to the Gray Secant
  2. Activate Matter Transfer Beam
  3. Matter Reclamation
  4. Intrusion Countermeasures
  5. Transfinite Navigation
  6. Use the Blue Torus to Defeat a Core Defense Unit
  7. Return to Mission Dropbox

PvP quests[edit]

Certain quests take place in the PvP area in the south. These quests are not part of the weekly quest and are marked as PvP. The heroic quests can be completed in the PvP area as well. There, the mobs will be easier but players risk PvP fights.

List of PvP quests:

  • [PvP] Data Recollection (Empire) / Data Retrieval (Republic)
    • The Gree Hyper-Dome (bonus quest)
  • [PvP] Charging the Pylon

Reward for PvP quests:

  • 7,175 credits
  • 1x Gree Data Core (reputation +630)
  • 100x Warzone Commendations

[PvP] Data Recollection (Empire) / Data Retrieval (Republic)
A large amount of damaged war materiel is scattered across the ice fields of Ilum. Enemy combat droids and disabled military vehicles from both sides may hold valuable intel if their memory data can be recovered. Retrieve memory cores from enemy combat droids in the combat zone. Additionally, recover the sensor array from an Imperial Siegebreaker Droid to aid in the scanning of disabled military vehicles. Heavy war droids still patrol the central combat zone, but battle damage has disrupted their friend-foe identification systems and they are no longer responding to remote commands. Defeat one of these droids to ensure the safety of future recovery efforts.

  1. Retrieve Memory Cores from ten Droids
  2. Recover Sensor Array
  3. Scan Downed Military Vehicles
  4. Defeat a Heavy War Droid
  5. Turn in at Mission Dropbox

The Gree Hyper-Dome (bonus quest)
Completing the quest [PvP] Data Recollection / Data Retrieval grants this bonus quest. At the Hyper-Dome in the center of the map there an Ancient Gree Destroyers that has a respawn time of seven minutes and that spawns in two variants. When the tall droid spawns (usually the case), the droid drops one Gree Memory Chip for one player of the group and it counts toward the bonus ques. However, when a small droid spawns (very rare), it always drops the "L1-L Defender" vanity pet and does not count toward the quest. When other players in your group complete the bonus quest, you receive 11,000 credits, so in a group of four people everyone will receive 33,000 bonus credits.

  1. Defeat the Ancient Gree Destroyer

[PvP] Charging the Pylon
Collect energy orbs from Gree Energy Condensers in the contested area of the Western Ice Shelf and use them to charge the Gree Energy Pylon. Gree Energy Condensers can be found on ice bridges and near research pylons.

  1. Collect four Orbs from Energy Condensers
  2. Charge the Gree Energy Pylon

Operations bosses[edit]

There are three operations bosses that are part of the event. All bosses require an operations group of 8 to 16 players. Gravak'k and Surgok'k can be found in caves on the eastern and western side of the map (respawn time of two hours), while Xenoanalyst II is on the Gray Secant and can only be reached once all players have the Friend rank. Ops groups can be bigger than 16 players but note that only 16 random players can receive the Gree Data Core to increase the reputation.

Related quests

  • [AREA] Combat Specimen – Defeat Xenoanalyst II, Gravak'k and Surgok'k
  • Unity Assessment / Unity Examination – Defeat Xenoanalyst II

Gravak'k boss strategy (Wampa boss in the Western cave)

  • The tank should kite the boss to a wall and then stay there to prevent knockback while all other players should stay behind the boss since the boss does AoE damage in front of him. With enough healers in the raid, one tank should suffice but two tanks with 30k HP are recommended.
  • In the middle of the fight, the boss casts Rage Pound "Rage Pound" and Rage Flip "Rage Flip", shortly afterwards he screams and does a one-time 5 to 10k damage on the whole raid. This damage cannot be avoided but has to be caught by the healers. The main tank will receive a debuff that increases incoming damage, so it is recommended to switch tanks here.
  • Then, red circles appear on the ground at players that are not close to the boss. This circles have to be avoided. If everyone stands behind the boss (within 5 meters), no red circles will appear

Surgok'k boss strategy (K'lor slug in the Eastern cave)

  • The boss puts a stacking debuff called Punctured Armor "Punctured Armor" on the tank which increases the damage taken. Therefore, tanks should swap after approximately five stacks until the debuff has run out.
  • Apart from melee DPS, no players should stand behind the boss since it does AOE damage with its tail.
  • In the middle of the fight, the boss casts Angry Spittle "Angry Spittle", causing a DOT debuff called Corrosive Mucus "Corrosive Mucus" to be put on the whole raid. This debuff should be removed by the healers.
  • Also, the boss casts Queen's Summons "Queen's Summons", which will call four adds. (Surgok'k Spawn, 34,055 HP) The offtank should taunt the adds so that the ranged DPS can bomb them with AOE.
  • Currently, the adds will drop loot (credits and chance for a random green/blue item) which can distract during the fight. This is probably a bug.

Loot rewards for Gravak'k and Surgok'k

  • about 2,500, split between the raid.
  • two random Black Hole gear items
  • one random purple Prototype gear item
  • Gree Data Core (reputation +630) for up to 16 players

Galaxywide search[edit]

Vonogarusa-K, guarded by four Gree Relay Defenders

Once players can enter the Gray Secant, they will find a droid called Kanarosiku-K that asks players to gather data from other Gree droids in the whole galaxy. Players will need to travel to six planets and talk to the Gree droids there. The droids are guarded by four Gree Relay Defenders in the level range of the planet. On most planets, the droids can easily be soloed by level 60 players, but on Voss it is recommended to group up with other players and stun one or two droids.

Quest: The Ancient Gree Relays

  • Dromund Kaas (only Empire)
  • Coruscant (only Republic)
  • Tatooine
  • Alderaan
  • Quesh
  • Hoth
  • Voss

Quest reward:

  • 16,147 credits
  • 2x Gray Helix Components
  • L1-L Scout (vanity pet)
  • Ancient Gree Artifact (reputation +1440)


Completing the quests increase your galactic reputation via tropies and give you credits and commendations as well. With a higher reputation, you can unlock special Legacy titles. Also, adaptive armor, Gray Helix weapons and vanity pets are available with the event.

Galactic Reputation[edit]

You can only access certain parts of the event after you have unlocked certain ranks. Players can earn up to 12,000 reputation points per week. Subscribers get 50% increased reputation points and a reputation boost (+25%) will be available in the Cartel Market soon.

There are the following ranks:

Name Points until next rank Total points New unlocks
No rank 2,500 reputation 0-2,499 points some daily quests and all PVP quests
Outsider 5,000 reputation 2,500-7,499 points no new unlocks
Newcomer 7,500 reputation 7,500-14,999 points "Gree Research Assistant" title, access to Gray Secant with new quests and "Gree Data Core" pet
Friend 10,000 reputation 15,000-24,999 points Red and Blue Scalene Armor Set
Hero 15,000 reputation 25,000-39,999 points "Honored Silver Acute" title
Champion 30,000 reputation 40,000-69,999 points White Scalene Armor Set and weapons of the Gray Helix
Legend 70,000 points "Perfect Gold Bisector" title and "Miniature Gray Secant" pet

Look for these trophies to increase your standing with the Gree enclave! Should you have reached the weekly limit of reputation points, make sure to keep the items because you can still redeem them in the following week.

Small reputation bonus (+270 for subscribers, +180 for F2P):

Gree Gegenstand Speicherchip.png

Gree Memory Chip
This memory chip contains valuable information about the history of the Gree Enclave.

Medium reputation bonus (+630 for subscribers, +420 for F2P):

Gree Gegenstand Datenkern.png

Gree Data Core
This data core contains schematics and technical readouts of classified Gree technology.

Large reputation bonus (+1440 for subscribers, +960 for F2P):

Gree Gegenstand Artefakt.png

Ancient Gree Artifact
This artifact is a component of some unfathomably complex device created by the ancient Gree.

Armor and weapons[edit]

New adaptive armor

The event adds a new adaptive armor which is available in a blue, red and white color variation. The blue and red sets require a Friend rank while the white set requires a Champion rank. In addition, a golden color variation will be available via the Cartel Market in the future.

name cost for red or blue set cost for white set
... Scalene Headgear 15,550 credits 50,000 credits
... Scalene Chestguard 15,550 credits 50,000 credits
... Scalene Greaves 15,550 credits 50,000 credits
... Scalene Gauntlets 12,850 credits 35,000 credits
... Scalene Boots 12,850 credits 35,000 credits
... Scalene Bracers 9,450 credits 20,000 credits
... Scalene Utility Belt 9,450 credits 20,000 credits
Total cost 91,250 credits 260,000 credits

Completing certain quests or defeating Xenoalyst II will grant you Gray Helix Components, which can be traded for a technologically-advanced Gray Helix weapon at the Gree Reputation Vendor. You need to have at least the Champion rank to equip these weapons. The weapons are bound to legacy while the Components are bound on pickup. This means that you can farm the 18 or 24 needed components on one char, buy the weapon, and then send the weapon to any of the characters in your legacy.

Legacy titles[edit]

Legacy titles were introduced with 1.7. You can display them below your character name after you have unlocked them via your galactic reputation.

  • Gree Research Assistant, requires rank "Newcomer"
  • Honored Silver Acute, requires rank "Hero"
  • Perfect Gold Bisector, requires rank "Legend"

Codex entries[edit]

Epic Enemies:

  • Gravak'k, for defeating Gravak'k
  • Survok'k, for defeating Survok'k
  • Xenoanalyst II, for defeating Xenoanalyst II in story mode
  • Xenoanalyst II (Hard Mode), for defeating Xenoanalyst II in hard mode


  • Tonvarr Pirates, lore object at position -233, -943


  • Fray Landing Memorial, lore object in the Abandoned Republic Base (position -1999, 1208)


  • The Gray Secant, lore object on board the Gray Secant (position -2039, -1232)

Vanity pets[edit]

Four vanity pets are available as part of the event. Two of those pets can be bought from the Gree Reputation Vendor, one pet is a quest reward for "Ancient Gree Relays" while the final pet is a guaranteed drop from the smaller Ancient Gree Destroyer (PvP boss, see The Gree Hyper-Dome (bonus quest) above for more information) and a random drop from Xenoanalyst II (operations boss).

Cartel Market[edit]

The following items related to the event were introduced in the Cartel Market. It is currently unknown when they will be available.

  • Minor Reputation Boost and Major Reputation Boost
    • Reputation Boost increases the points you earn from reputation trophies by 50%.
  • Gold Scalene Armor Set
    • Gold Scalene Headgear
    • Gold Scalene Bracers
    • Gold Scalene Chestguard
    • Gold Scalene Gauntlets
    • Gold Scalene Utility Belt
    • Gold Scalene Greaves
    • Gold Scalene Boots