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The Golden Globe[Bearbeiten]

„It's just on Tatooine there wasn't anyone near my own age to talk to.“ (The Golden Globe, Kapitel 2, S.17)
„Then it's settled - we're best friends now.“ (The Golden Globe, Kapitel 2, S.17)
„Anakin, you used the Force to get me to float and to give me the strength I needed to thrash my way to the raft. I was ready to give up, but your voice wouldn't let me.“ (The Golden Globe, Kapitel 9, S.65)
„I've never been very good at puzzles.“ (The Golden Globe, Kapitel 12, S.85)
„I don't have any family. No one cares if I get send back home. But there are a lot of people counting on you to be a great Jedi Knight like your uncle. Don't you see, I didn't even know what a Jedi was a few weeks ago. It doesn't matter if I'm returned to Tatooine. I don't have a destiny zu fulfill.“ (The Golden Globe, Kapitel 14, S.103f.)
I'm your family now. I care about what happens to you.[...] We're a team.“ (The Golden Globe Kapitel 14, S.104)

Anakin und die Yuuzhan Vong[Bearbeiten]

Die Verheißung[Bearbeiten]

Das Ultimatum[Bearbeiten]

Die Ruinen von Coruscant[Bearbeiten]