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Episode II – Angriff der Klonkrieger[Bearbeiten]

Ein Sturm zieht auf[Bearbeiten]


Act on Instinct[Bearbeiten]

Übersetztes Zitat aus Act on Instinct: „Ukio is now firmly in our possession, my master. With recent news of … ahem, turbulence, in its markets, its stock price tumbled to a rate where the commerce guild was able to purchase a controlling interest.“

Reversal of Fortune[Bearbeiten]

Übersetztes Zitat aus Reversal of Fortune: „If he wants to hide, then matters are dire for the confederacy. The general claims, the fall of our homeworld was part of Dooku’s plans. The Commerce Guild is expendable, it would seem.“



Übersetztes Zitat aus den HoloNetz-Nachrichten: „Sullust shines as a nova of capitalism. Its robust economy supports a healthy, happy and profitable population. This world exemplifies the wondrous possibilities and merits of corporate growth.“