Special Modifications

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Special Modifications ist ein Regelwerk für das Star-Wars-Rollenspiel Am Rande des Imperiums von Fantasy Flight Games. Die englische Ausgabe erschien am 24. März 2016. Der Hardcover-Band dient als Erweiterung zum Grundregelwerk und konzentriert sich hierbei auf den Technikerbereich mit drei neuen Spezies sowie zahlreichen Statistiken für Fahrzeuge und Waffen.

Inhaltsangabe des Verlags[Bearbeiten]

Without the brilliance of Technicians, the Star Wars galaxy would be unrecognizable. Their work has created sentient artificial beings, put the most distant systems within reach via hyperdrive, and defined the ways that wars are fought. Yet even with such advanced technological marvels, there is no replacement for good, old-fashioned, spur-of-the-moment ingenuity, particularly inthe Outer Rim. There, Technicians must be as resourceful as they are intelligent, in order to invent solutions for the myriad troubles they daily face.

Special Modifications, a sourcebook for the Star Wars : Edge of the Empire roleplaying game, brings new specializations and signature abilities to the Technician career. Its 96, full-color pages also include new playable species and copious amounts of gear including cybernetics, slicing tools, construction tools, and remotes. Finally, the book contains detailed guidelines for crafting devices, weapons, and droids of your own invention, as well as new slicing actions and expanded rules for running slicing encounters in your roleplaying adventures.


  • Technicians at the Edge
  • Technicians in the Galaxy
  • Chapter I: Expert Artificers
  • Technician Backgrounds
  • Technician Obligations
  • New Species
  • New Specializations
  • New Talents
  • Technician Motivations
  • Technician Signature Abilities
  • Chapter II: Tools of the Trade
  • New Weapons
  • New Armor
  • New Gear and Equipment
  • New Vehicles
  • New Starships
  • Chapter III: Ingenious Creations
  • Integrating Technicians
  • Crafting
  • Slicing Encounters
  • Running Slicing Encounters
  • Selling Wares and Services
  • Technician Rewards