The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition

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The Roleplaying Game
Second Edition

Bill Smith

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West End Games






ISBN 0874311810

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The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition ist ein Nachschlagewerk zum Star Wars Roleplaying Game von West End Games aus dem Jahre 1992 und der Nachfolger von The Roleplaying Game, First Edition von 1987. Im Jahr 1996 erschien The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded.

Inhaltsangabe des Verlags[Bearbeiten]

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Experience the drama and epic scope of the greatest space fantasy of all time! Adventure in a universe of epic heroes, fearsome villains, amazing technology and strange aliens.

Pilot an X-wing against the Empire’s devastating TIE fighters! Trade blasterfire with vicious bounty hunters! Smuggle contraband cargos through Imperial blockades! Learn the ways of the lightsaber-wielding Jedi Knights, and master the powers of the Force!

This 176 page rulebook features:

  • Sophisticated yet simple rules covering all aspects of the Star Wars universe! Completely revised, with a conversion system for first edition materials.
  • Extensive information on the Star Wars universe, with guidelines on designing your own adventures set during the time of the movies or after the Battle of Endor!
  • Includes a beginning adventure.
  • Detailed skill descriptions with many new skills and special abilities for aliens!
  • 16 full-color pages, with never before published material.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: Beginning Characters
    • 1.1: Advanced Characters
    • 1.2: Star Wars Skill List
  • Chapter Two: Gamemastering
    • 2.1: Scenes and Rounds
    • 2.2: Designing Adventures
    • 2.3: Running Adventures
    • 2.4: Adventure Hooks
  • Chapter Three: Basic Mechanics
    • 3.1: Combat and Injuries
    • 3.2: Combined Actions
    • 3.3: Scales
  • Chapter Four: Attributes and Skills
  • Chapter Five: Movement
    • 5.1: Vehicles
  • Chapter Six: Space Travel
  • Chapter Seven: The Star Wars Universe
  • Chapter Eight: Equipment
  • Appendix One: Roleplaying Basics
  • Appendix Two: Second Edition Conversion
  • Charts and Tables
  • Character Templates