Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts

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Galaxy Guide – Scouts

Galaxy Guide

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West End Games






ISBN 0874311888

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New Republic Scout Service

Der Galaxy Guide – Scouts ist ein im Jahr 1993 erschienenes Nachschlagewerk für das Star Wars Rollenspiel von West End Games, der den New Republic Scout Service vorstellt.

Inhaltsangabe des Verlags[Bearbeiten]

In the days of the Old Republic, exploration was the key to adventure. New worlds lay beyond the next star, and high adventure lived along the spaceways. The scout was a free spirit; an adrenaline jockey eager to plumb the depths of his own curiosity. And then came Imperial Rule and the iron grip of Emperor Palpatine. He, and his Imperial Moffs and governors, turned the scout service to…other purposes. Seeking out Rebel Bases and hunting the heroes of the Alliance, the scouts became dark shadows of themselves—spies and infiltrators under the control of the Imperial Fleet.

Now, the New Republic holds sway in most of the "civilized" portions of the old Empire, and the Scout Service has been renewed. Seeking out cultures and worlds lost or abandoned during the dark time of the Empire, the scouts are a new breed of hero facing a new kind of danger…


  • Introduction
    • A Typical Survey
  • Chapter One: The Scout Service
    • The Modern Scout Service
    • Types of Scouts
    • Dealing With The Scout Service
    • The Organization
    • Other Support Services
  • Chapter Two:Inside the Scout Mind
    • The Corporate Scout
    • The Karflo Corporation
    • New Republic Scouts
    • The Independent Scouts
    • ...And other Jobs
  • Chapter Three: The Frontier
    • Revitalizing the Scouts
    • The Scout's Domain
    • A Call To Adventure
    • Diplomatic
    • Imperials
    • Known Colony
    • Law Enforcement
    • Pirates/Criminals
    • Traders
    • Disaster
    • Unregistered Settlement
    • Lost Colony
    • Equipment Failure/Accident
    • Space Hazard
    • Life Forms
    • Lost Treasures
    • Primitive Cultures
    • Aliens
    • Survival
    • Resource World
    • Unknown Artifact
    • Exploration/Survey
    • Navigate Hyperspace Route
  • Chapter Four: Scout Ships
  • Chapter Five: Equipment
  • Chapter Six: Scout Bases
    • Miwa Oyev
    • Frontier Posts
    • Colony Bases
    • Military Attachments
  • Chapter Seven: Aliens, Creatures, and Planetary Features
    • Life Forms
    • Intelligent Life
    • Appearance and Attitude
  • Chapter Eight: The Survey
    • Gamemastering The Survey
    • Mission Orders
    • Plotting Hyperspace Paths
    • The System
    • Investigating A Planet
    • Encountering Life Forms
    • First Contact
    • The Report
    • Playing the Scout Survey for Fun and Profit
  • Chapter Nine: System Generation
  • Chapter Ten: The Prize: A Scout Adventure