The Essential Atlas

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The Essential Atlas

Essential Guides

Daten der englischen Ausgabe

Del Rey






ISBN 978-0345477644

Weitere Ausgaben…

Das Sachbuch The Essential Atlas ist ein am 18. August 2009 erschienenes Sachbuch der Essential Guides-Reihe von Del Rey, das sich vordergründig mit der Kartographie der Galaxis befasst und dabei auch historische Ereignisse, Personen, Organisationen und Sehenswürdigkeiten behandelt. Hauptautoren des Sachbuchs sind Jason Fry und Daniel Wallace, das Cover stammt von David Stevenson, Karten und Schemata von Ian Fullwood, Modi und Chris Reiff sowie weitere Illustrationen von Chris Trevas.

Auf der Webseite von wurde neben den Endnotes der Autoren eine eigene Sektion für den Atlas eingerichtet, in der unter anderem der umfangreiche Appendix des Buches verfügbar ist. In Zukunft sollen weitere Aktualisierungen des Inhalts auf diesen Seiten erfolgen.

Inhaltsangabe des Verlags[Bearbeiten]

Navigate the Star Wars universe as you never have before - with this fully illustrated, full-color guide that maps the entire galaxy.

You know the planets - from Alderaan and Corellia to Tatooine and Zonama Sekot - and the star systems, from the Deep Core to the Outer Rim. But now, for the first time, you can pinpoint their locations and chart the travels of your favorite characters through the vast reaches of space. Star Wars: The Essential Atlas is a galaxy-spanning trove of vital statistics and information ranging from the astronomical and geographical ("Systems, Sectors, Oversectors and Regions") to the historical and political ("The Sith Empire" and "The Great Hyperspace War"). Encompassing the entire Star Wars canon, including all the films and the Clone Wars television series, plus the novels, comic books, video games, and more, this volume is packed with dozens of detailed maps and charts, as well as pertinent data and accompanying facts on

  • the Empire: its length and breadth, political regions, populations, trade routes, major attractions and trouble spots
  • the Clone Wars: the trajectory of this decisive conflict across the universe, data on key battles and major Loyalist and Separatist worlds
  • the Adventures of Han Solo: the heroic rogue’s exploits throughout the galaxy - including his captaincy of the Millennium Falcon and his first, fateful meeting with Chewbacca - before his life-changing alliance with Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • The Sith Wars: the progression of the universal clash between the ancient Jedi Order, their dark side counterparts, and the Mandalorian warriors who fought against both orders
  • and much, much more

From Hutt Space to the Unknown Regions, from the Knights of the Old Republic and Episode I to the Fate of the Jedi and Legacy era, Star Wars: The Essential Atlas is the ultimate gateway to space fantasy’s most brilliantly imagined and endlessly intriguing galaxy.


Introduction: The Galaxy, Stars, and Planets

Galactic Coordinates

Part I: The Political Galaxy[Bearbeiten]

Part II: Planets of the Galaxy[Bearbeiten]

Part III: The Atlas of Galactic History[Bearbeiten]

Appendix: Stellar Coordinates