Revised Core Rulebook

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Revised Core Rulebook

Bill Slavicsek, Andy Collins, J.D. Wiker


Steve Sansweet

Weitere Ausgaben…

Das Revised Core Rulebook ist ein am 1. Mai 2002 erschienenes Regelwerk zum Star Wars Roleplaying Game von Wizards of the Coast und der Nachfolger des Core Rulebook aus dem Jahr 2000.

Inhaltsangabe des Verlages[Bearbeiten]

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Immerse yourself in the excitement of the greatest space fantasy of all time.

You can struggle to preserve the peace and order of the Republic, join the Rebellion against the oppressive might of the Empire, or defend the New Republic against the tyranny of the Yuuzhan Vong. The only limit to the adventure is your imagination.

Take control of your destiny and become one of the greatest heroes of the galaxy.

Includes everything you need to create your own Star Wars campaign:

  • Complete game rules for players and Gamemasters
  • Character creation system, with 9 heroic classes, 10 prestige classes and 17 species
  • Rules and guidelines for playing droid characters
  • Details on how to play in any time frame: the Rise of the Empire era, the Rebellion era, or the New Jedi Order era
  • Equipment, weapons, vehicles, and starships from all five Star Wars movies and the expanded universe
  • New rules for starship and vehicle combat
  • Expanded rules for skills, feats, combat, Dark Side Points, and experience
  • Game statistics for the heroes and the villains of the Star Wars movies, including Star Wars: Attack of the Clones